Selling Blue Jeans to make money on Ebay?

Did you know you can sell blue jeans on ebay to make money? I have been doing just that! I buy Blue Jeans from Yard Sales all summer and I think I have over 100 pairs! I did buy some at the Thrift store when I was there on Dollar day.

I pay no more than $3.00 for a Pair and I get an average of $13.00 per pair every week.  I sell 3 to 5 pairs a week some times more.  Be sure to look the jeans over very well, It’s ok for them to be ripped up on the bottoms, kids like that. But no stains and make sure the zipper works.  When shopping for Jeans I like to get Name brand, Like Levi Straus, Tommy Hillfinger, Lee. Some of us Old folks like the old Jean style and they are hard to find in the stores. I then Wash all my jeans and use a smelly dryer sheet in the dryer, so they smell really good. Besides I just like to have them Clean!

When shipping jeans put them in a big clear bag first. I got a big box from Uline  Shipping Suppy the 12 x 18,  Clear 2mil poly bag, #S-1010. This is a great size for jeans and many other items such as books to protect them when shipping.

Fold up the jeans and stick them in the bag and smash them down and get the air out and tape it shut, You want the jeans to be as small as you can get them because your going to shove them in a Flat rate envelope. It will fit with the receipt and tape it all down and across so there are no way they can get out. The package will look kinda crazy but if you can get the item in the envelope, it ships. It also saves the customer a bunch of money. I charge about 50 cents more than what the cost of the shipping is, to cover my tape and bag expense. No one complains and are happy to get them so cheap. Otherwise in a regular bag they would cost a lot more to ship.

Later if someone asks I will make a You Tube video so you can see how I ship my Jeans in a Flat Rate Envelope.

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2 Responses to Selling Blue Jeans to make money on Ebay?

  1. Daryl says:

    What size of flat rate envelope do you fit them into?

    • cricketlady says:

      Letter Size…I put fold the jeans up and put them in a bag, then smash all the air out of the bag. They fit with some smashing. I also put extra tape on the envelope and I charge $6.00 for shipping, That is cheaper than most people can offer on shipping jeans as they are heavy and would cost 9.00 in a regular envelope.

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