How To Spy On Your Competition On eBay

terapeakThis is my store…cricketfarmer…see I told you I had a crap month, but it shows what my top selling items are…collectibles…my sell through rate…17%…I had 1166 listings well that was a bunch of re-listings, I only listing a little over 100 new items last month…pitiful! I’m so disappointed in myself. My average price is 16.45 now that is pretty good for me. But if you could see farther down, you would see my biggest sellers of the month a big bowl that I paid $3.00 at a yard sale went for $400! Nice!

I am loving Terapeak! I’ve used this in the path and for whatever reason I quit using it. BIG Mistake! They have made many changes since I last used it and I have to say I LOVE the new changes. It is so to spy on all your competition now and find out EXACTLY what they are selling and how much, what they are listing each month…what their sell through is and everything.

There are so many ways to spy on them it’s not funny. In the past it was really hard to look at see what they sold and if they took a best offer you really had no idea what they got for it and then you had to add it up for each day. Kinda a drag…So if you want the inside scoop on what your competitors are selling or just someone on Facebook that comments that they sell at least 50 items each and every Sunday.

Well then you can just look up their user name and magic you will know everything. That is not the only thing I’ve been looking up. I’ve looked up everything on Terapeak. I’m selling some big ticket items this week. A antique loom and A Rare Spinning wheel. It was so much easier than looking it up on eBay.

I just typed in what I wanted to know say Antique loom and then it gave me not just what sold the past 30 days it goes all the way back to 90 days and it is already listed by high to low. No more changing all the things on eBay by completed and waiting for that to load. You just head over to Terapeak and you will have your answer in a matter of minutes and I find it gives you a much better search than I’m finding on eBay. I’m getting better items. Then I can just click on it and find out when they listed it, what category it was in and how much they sold it for. Plus it shows what didn’t sell. Very nice.

Happy Listing!


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