FOR SALE: ILCO Model 046 Manual Flat Key Cutter Duplicator w Side Milling Cutter Wheel EUC

Ilco046KeyCutterIlco Model 046 Performance series, manual, flat key cutter, duplicator with side milling cutter wheel.
Looks as if it has barley been used. There is a date written on the outer cover “7/16/13″ I believe the machine is only 
about a year old. Everything is Tight and it is Very clean. Cutter wheel is very sharp.
  • 12 7/8″ deep, 14 1/2″ wide, 9″ high
  • Approx 30lbs
  • motor is 115v/4.6 amp/60 HZ
  • hp 1/4, R.P.M 1725
I used a  machine like this one when I was a locksmith for the First National Bank of Louisville, many years ago. This machine makes Flat, Safe and Safe Deposit Box keys and has features that the machines in my day did not have.
It runs smoothly and is in Near Perfect Condition. It will be very well packaged for shipping!
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The 046  “Performance Series” duplicator is designed for duplicating popular safe deposit and similar “flat” type keys. This model is ideal for counter or mobile use.

Super Jaw 3, “secure grip”, four-position vise jaws; securely clamp flat keys without the need for adapters
Permanently lubricated cutter spindle shaft ball bearings normally found on more expensive models
Hardened carriage shaft and cutter spindle provide extended service life
Wide spacing between vise jaws; accommodates longer key types
Dial type depth adjustment system greatly simplifies calibration and improves accuracy
Ideal for shop or mobile use; efficient 1/4 hp motor
Special depth limit device guards against cutter contact with vise jaws
“Soft-touch” deburring brush
Cutter is high speed tool steel, coated with titanium nitride for longer cutting life
Built in circuit breaker protection

You can buy this now for only $550.00

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