30 Day Blog Challenge!!

30 Day Ebay challenge

I’m moving over to a new blog, but decided to keep this one up, because it has been with me for so long now. But I’m really not the Cricketlady anymore and would like to be know for my real name. So if you want to learn more up to date things about ebay then head over to my new blog and watch and learn. I will teach not only how to sell on eBay , but on etsy and other ways of making money online. So head over to my new blog today and sign up for my newsletter over there.

30 Day Ebay Challenge!!

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What’s Going On At The Cricketlady’s House?

Wow, Where is the year going? It’s May already!

I Got Goats!!

Pygmy Goats










What’s up with me? We are starting the cricket biz again, but I’m going at it much easier than last time. We sold crickets to all the pet shops in Three states and delivered them 4 days a week in our van and then we did 3 reptile shows on the weekends…no wonder I was skinny!! Well that is not going to happen this time. I have a good business on eBay and I want to add my cricket Biz to my ebay listings. We will provide some items that are just too hard to get. Supplies for growing crickets and some cricket kits. We will still do a small route but nothing like we did for over 20 years. My goodness I don’t think my body could take that work now. And I LOVE Ebay! It’s so easy and fun.

Now back to my store. I have 5000 items will almost that many. I’m getting a eBay barn in a couple months so we can get all the items out of the house and the garage. I quit doing free shipping but I am adding it back to my clothing. I sell a boat load of clothes and we are trying to pick up some more high dollar items. We have sold some big ticket items this month and it looks to be a great month for us. I didn’t list my goal of a 100 per week, I was getting around 50 to 60 new items per week and we bought back all our old cricket equipment and had to move the whole garage around to make it fit. Man I’ve not worked that hard in months!

What’s up with you guys? Love to hear from you. Please fell free to ask me questions!

Michelle 😉

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Merry Christmas! Free Gift!

Hey guys! I’ve been so busy stocking up my store for Christmas that I forgot about my poor little blog! WEll, I have HUGE Plans for next year and I’m working on some AWESOME things for your guys so stay tune. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you can be the first to get these AMAZING gifts coming down the pipe. I want EVERYONE of you can be so successful in your eBay biz next year.

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Merry Christmas!!

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