How to sell on eBay? Need Help?

Need money fast…selling something on eBay is the answer.


If you are like most of us out here in the real world, you’re really having a rough time in this economy. Everything is so expensive and no extra income is coming your way. Most of us are in the same boat.

I just got my taxes done at H&R Block and I’ve had my taxes done there by the owner from the time she opened up the office over 20 years ago. She told me that she had a hard time paying the bills in the slow time. She said that has never happened before. Well I for one am one of her customers who had a thriving business one day and the next I was out of business.

So what can you do to make some quick cash? Sell something on eBay! But you say, “I don’t know How to sell on eBay?”  Do what I did, find stuff around your house that you don’t want or that has some value and put it on eBay to sell. Sell that old Iphone, I sold my Son’s and got $200 for it.

I paid off all my credit card dept but one last year. By selling my valuables that we had collected for over 30 years. And that may not be what you think, we don’t have a expensive collection of cars that we sold. No it was just things we liked and bought years ago that have some value now.

I sold a couple of knitting machines that I had, some vintage, some not. Hubby sold most of his paper money and coin collection. I sold all the dolls I collected, mostly Barbie and their clothes from the 70′s. Some of those doll shoes are worth more than the dolls.

TIP:If you bought something that said it was a collectible, like Doll or plate, chances are they made millions of them and the are not worth what you paid for them to start with…sorry.

I sold a bunch of Yarn and fabric from my craft room. Toys that I picked up at yard sales and Men’s jeans. I could make a living just selling Men’s clothes, ties and used shoes. I really have added over $1000 to my monthly income just including Graphic T-shirts and Jeans each month. Remember most people are broke and don’t have the money to buy expensive things so they look on eBay and buy them there. I have had to change and adapt. I still have things that sell for big bucks, but most of the time, when I buy something, I say “Wow, I’m going to get a million dollars for this one…well I’m wrong most of the time. It’s just a matter of who is bidding on your item at the time.

So if you are looking to make some quick money fast. Ebay is hands down the fastest way to get it. And it’s really not hard to do. I would start here and then add other things after you get a steady income coming in, then branch out into other areas.

This year I am going to show you other ways I am going to add to my monthly income and not rely on only eBay for all of it. For three years that has been my only income. That is just not smart these days, with the internet anything can happen.

If you are stuck and not sure How to sell on eBay..then, that is where I can help you out. You can join my “Cricket News” and get first hand knowledge of what I am doing each week and you can ask me questions on facebook.

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I worked really hard on this and it’s worth much more than that, some people charge over $100 to get a guide like this, and most of the time it was written by someone that has no experience with eBay.

I have over 4000 items listed right now and my store name is cricketfarmer. Take a look. I make a full time living at this and last year made just shy of 6 figures. My goal this year is to make that 6 figures and more.

This sale is going to be short only two weeks and then the guide will go up to $27.00 Pick up your copy today. For the low price of $13.00 and start your new online business with me today!

What is holding you back from selling on eBay?

Happy Selling!


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Weekly Favorite Item Sold…Two this week! Civil War Buckle and Old Trap

civil war buckle

This week I had two items that sold really well. One was a Reproduction Civil War Buckle I was so surprised the bidding went crazy right from the start and hit $50.oo the first couple of days. On the last day I don’t look at the auction after 6 pm. I close down my computer and leave it for the next morning. What a surprise I got when I looked at the sold items for the day! See what I got for that here.

Vintage Trap

But this week was super as I had two items that brought me really good money. Hubby has been watching the vintage traps and he buys them when he finds them, we had this trap hanging in the barn for months. He got to checking and found they were bidding these up. Some times you have to wait to see if there is a good market for your items. Traps seem to be big this month, so we listed the trap on Sunday and look what we got for it here.

TIP: This trap is going all the way to Australia. Don’t be afraid to ship overseas, this week I would say that 30% of my items are from international shipping. It’s really easy to do this online right from eBay. I have the post office come and pick up my items everyday and I don’t have to do anything different no matter where it goes. Awesome!

Wishing you the Best!


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