I Can’t Believe I’m Going To Be 50 -Crazy 99 Cent Sales in My Ebay Store!

Green Epping BottleYep, you heard me I’m going to be the big 5-0. (wait that was a show back in the day Hawaii 5-0) To celebrate this fabulous occasion I’m going to have a count down…50 days until my 50th birthday. What fun! Starting on August 1st.I’m going to have some CRAZY AS@ sales. Like this week, well they were suppose to go on Sunday, but ebay wouldn’t let me put some of the words I put in the heading, maybe SALE, I don’t know but the big ((SaLe)) went on last night.

Hubby picked out some super cool bottles from our stock and we put them on auction for 99 cents FREE SHIPPING! Crazy right. One is a rare Green Deco bottle that should get bid up some. But hey you might be the proud owner for only 99 cents.

Find the rest in my store and keep watching for more Crazy auctions coming soon.




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