I’m Going To A New Site

While I have had fun with this site. I’m moving to a new site that reflects more of who I am today. Cricketlady has had a good run but I’m a better blogger now and I have much more to offer. If you want to follow me please do so here. I will be sharing all the things on the internet I do to make money. Hope to see you on the other side. This site will stay up for a few more months but then it will be no longer. Thanks For stopping by!


Merry Christmas! Free Gift!

Hey guys! I've been so busy stocking up my store for Christmas that I forgot about my poor little blog! WEll, I have HUGE Plans for next year and I'm working on some AWESOME things for your guys so stay tune. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so … [Continue reading]

Poison Bottles

As most of you know, hubby is a big time bottle collector, he even has a bottle machine set up to clean dirty bottles. A couple of years ago we took the summer off as a gift for retiring after 20 some odd years in the cricket farming business. We … [Continue reading]

2014 National Antique Bottle Show – Lexington, Kentucky August 1-3, 2014

Just look for this guy! He will be the one with bottles sticking out of his back pocket, I will be the one holding bags of bottles while he talks to everyone. :-) This is the bottle show that we went to in Reno! Awesome Show, and now this year … [Continue reading]

I Can’t Believe I’m Going To Be 50 -Crazy 99 Cent Sales in My Ebay Store!

Yep, you heard me I'm going to be the big 5-0. (wait that was a show back in the day Hawaii 5-0) To celebrate this fabulous occasion I'm going to have a count down...50 days until my 50th birthday. What fun! Starting on August 1st.I'm going to have … [Continue reading]